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"That was like a crazy trust exercise."

Every time I see this scene I always think to myself: “Wow Kristoff, that’s a really awkward smile. Is that even a smile? Your lips are twitching upwards but it doesn’t look too much like a smile. I’ve seen you do better then that Kristoff.”

But then I realized that this was probably the first time (in forever) that Kristoff gave a genuine, kind, hopeful smile to a real human being. Especially a girl human being.

Kristoff doesn’t really know how to act because he has probably never felt that way before towards anyone. He probably feels very weird because face it, falling in love is weird.

So he smiles. He awkwardly smiles. Half in awe, half in surprise, half in love. He’s just letting in all of these emotions that he had never felt before, and just letting it mix in his mind.

And it may feel weird, but Kristoff clearly seems to be okay with it.

Also we should probably talk about #1 Kristanna shipper Sven back there in the Background :b

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